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Booking a car in Europe

by California

When traveling in Europe, many tourists prefer to rent a car, not depend on public transport, and move freely around the country they are staying in. What do you need to rent a car?

How to book a car rental?

There are several options, and the easiest is to make a reservation using the online service. Most tourists do this. Services are intermediaries between European car rental companies and users. It is advisable to use the services of already promoted resources that have been operating on the market for several years in order to get more professional services and reliability.

As a rule, there is nothing complicated in booking, and if we talk about the online service, then most of them have simple navigation that allows you to easily navigate the site. Renting a car through an online service is as easy as, for example, booking hotels in Barcelona in the center.

Another option is to apply through a travel agency. This is the same principle, only you will not deal with the documents, but the agency employees, for which you will have to pay extra. After paying for the car rental, you will receive (by e-mail) a special voucher, which you will need to present directly at the rental company when you pick up the car.

If you decide to rent a car already upon arrival in the country, then you need to contact the national rental agency. For registration you will need a driver’s license, a passport.

Check vehicle condition

The rental price depends on the type of car, most often small and medium-sized passenger cars are rented. You can find out about the cost by first going to the website of the rental company, or to the online service. Many services work in several directions at once, so here you can also find out, for example, prices for hotels in Prague (if you are going to go to the Czech Republic).

When registering a car, check it for damage, if you see a scratch or a dent on the body – point this out to the manager of the rental company, this fact should be reflected in the acceptance report. When you return the car, you will not have to prove that you did not leave this scratch.

As a rule, the car is issued with a full tank – and you need to return it also refueled. Most companies require a deposit from the client, this can be, for example, freezing a certain amount on the deposit of your card.

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