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California residents ask to legalize sports betting

by marusia

The campaign to legalize sports betting in the US state of California will continue. The bill was previously supported by both political parties in the local parliament.

In addition, the legalization of sports betting was also supported by California residents – it is reported that about 58 percent of registered voters were positive about this initiative of Paul Donahue, a consultant to state senator Roderick Wright. It is assumed that the legalization of rates will provide significant assistance in the development of racing sports, as well as casinos on Indian reservations. In addition, the filling of the state budget through taxes will also increase.

At the same time, experts have already refuted the assumption that the legalization of the betting business in California will negatively affect entrepreneurs in the state of Nevada, who might have fought against it in defense of their commercial interests. Most analysts are of the opinion that Nevada business will remain completely safe. In addition, the legalization of rates in California will allow companies from Nevada to enter a new market for themselves in a large seaside state.

In the meantime, representatives of Native American gambling establishments, who are dissatisfied with the possible mechanism for its adoption (it is assumed that it will be signed by the governor of the state, and the referendum provided for by the Constitution, will not pass), express concern about the bill on the legalization of sports betting. In addition, they believe that bookmakers can take some of their customers away from them. It is not excluded that the Indians will lobby for some protective provisions for their businesses in this bill.

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