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Dowel for drywall from the Group of Companies “Partner”

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Gypsum board is one of the most popular materials in construction for the installation of ceilings, walls and partitions.

But plasterboard walls have a drawback – it is impossible to hang a large piece of furniture on them, for example, a large shelf. The method for fixing to the wall for drywall is not suitable. Pressed gypsum, which is the basis of drywall, is too loose material. In such cases, professionals use a drywall dowel.

But which one to choose? Which dowels are better? Depends on how much you want to load it and what is the width of the metal profile on which the drywall is mounted.


The smallest dowel for drywall is a butterfly. Its dimensions are 8 mm X 28 mm. Accordingly, the price is low. First you need to work with a drill – drill a hole in the drywall, then insert a dowel into it, and then screw in the screw.

Butterfly dowel, size 10mm X 50mm is more popular. Its spacer parts are larger, and inside there are two more additional clamping plates that increase the strength of the fastening. When installing a larger butterfly, it is also necessary to work with a drill and make a hole in the drywall. And only after that mount the structure. The cost of this dowel is higher than the previous one, but, still, there remains a small.And the mount is much more powerful. Two dowels of this size can withstand a small cabinet.

Butterfly – plastic or nylon dowel.


Molly metal dowel is a metal screw that inhibiting hooks and springs. In an empty space, on the back of the drywall sheet, the hooks made specifically to create a reliable fastening is springy. Here it is also necessary to work with a drill and prepare a hole in advance.

When the reliability of fastening is most important, it is recommended to use dowel. A metal dowel may not boast a low price, but it is the best option when it comes to fastening reliability. The dimensions of molly dowels are respectively: 4, 5, 6, 8 millimeters, length from 32 to 80 mm.


But perhaps the most popular drywall dowel is the driva. It comes in metal and nylon. Driva refers to fasteners with a double advantage: price and quality. That’s why he’s the most popular. The driva nylon dowel looks like a snail, which is why they are often called a “screw”.

The installation method, as in previous cases, is quite simple: first, work with a drill: a hole is drilled in drywall, after which a dowel (screw) is screwed into it and only then a self-tapping screw is fixed.

The width of the metal drywall profile does not matter, since when installing in a free place behind the drywall, there is no need /

And the permissible load on the nylon dowel is more than 25 kg., and on metal more than 32.

Dowel nail”

When you need a dowel to attach an object to the wall and, at the same time, you do not plan to dismantle it, it is best to use the dowel “nail”. The dowel “nail” is intended for installation works of fastening heavy objects to the wall: carpets, cabinets, bookshelves, door frames.

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