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New Ford Fiesta

by California

Ford Fiesta strives to be the first in its class, combining great functionality, the right power, beauty, practicality and affordable price. It embodies the latest advances in technology. You can now find out the latest news, listen to music using a special synchronization system with your smartphone, but at the same time, without incurring large financial expenses for Internet services. I don’t even want to talk much about the appearance of the car, it’s worth seeing once, and you will understand everything perfectly – this car conquers with the perfection of forms. Mud flaps, blown in shape, perfectly match the design of the headlights, the rest of the stripes made on this car model. Beauty reaches its pinnacle in the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The dashboard is full of all sorts of buttons, bells and whistles. It may immediately seem to you that there are a lot of them and that problems may arise in operation due to such an abundance, but this is not so. Soon you will get comfortable and understand that it is easy and simple to manage. The only negative regarding the instrument panel is the location of the direction instrument in an inconvenient place, immediately below the music player. The functions of a comfortable stay in the car are also included here – this is climate control, and the use of a special system that heats the seats. But despite this, the price will pleasantly surprise you. By driving this car, the feeling of complete security on the road will not leave you, you will feel extraordinary confidence being in the Ford Fiesta. Engine size – 1.6, generally not very powerful. Horsepower is also average – 120. however, in operation, this is basically enough, rarely when there are situations that you need more, after all, this is a small car, not an SUV. Five-speed mechanics has a smooth ride and ease of operation. But there is one drawback that I would still like to fix – this is to add buttons for manual gear shifting. In terms of fuel consumption, the car is also very economical. If you take an average, then this is 7 liters of fuel per 100 km, during city driving, of course, consumption is more up to 7.8 liters, and during suburban driving – less, up to 5.9 liters. 2011 Ford Fiesta Passed City Auto Test With Dignity. Mountain experiments were not so successful. But the car turns amazing, fully listening to the steering. Now you know a lot more about the Ford Fiesta than before and can make the right choice. Providing high quality and efficient medical services, . Optimal prices. Visit meg-list website

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