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It is difficult to find a hostess who would not have her signature recipe for making pancakes. Some say that the most delicious pancakes are made with milk, others argue that fresh milk is not the right base, it needs to be slightly sour, others prefer only kefir or yogurt.

There are many ways to prepare this primordially Slavic dish, which has been known since pagan times. In that era, the pancake symbolized the sun and the annual cycle. They were prepared for weddings and funerals, they were enjoyed in the “cheese” or “Shrovetide” week. Dear guests were greeted with pancakes and prepared for gatherings. Sweet and salty, with butter, sour cream, jam, with a huge abundance of all kinds of toppings.

No matter how we make pancakes, the recipe of which seems to be the same, their taste is always different. It depends on the temperature of the introduced products, and on their sequence of addition, on the proportions, on the quality of the pan and the degree of its hotness, and even on the mood of the hostess.

So, stock up on a good mood and anticipation of the wonderful delicious taste of thin ruddy pancakes that you will cook. And we will provide you with a classic recipe for cooking your favorite treat. To get started, take a bowl and pour flour into it, around 200 g.

Remember the children’s games in the sand and build a recess in the flour, where you put the egg, salt and sugar to taste. Stir the whole mixture with a whisk, gradually adding warmed milk. Half a liter or a little less should be enough. That is, you dilute the thick dough with warm milk, then pour in a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix everything again. The consistency of the dough should resemble liquid sour cream so that it flows, but not quickly. In the arsenal of your kitchenware should be a special pan for pancakes, in which you do not fry anything else. Heat it up, grease (just grease it, don’t pour it) with vegetable oil and bake your pancakes, frying them on both sides. Ready-made pancakes can be greased with butter, sprinkled with sugar if you planned sweet pancakes. Serve with whatever you want – jam, honey, condensed milk, sour cream – everything is fine. Unsweetened pancakes go well with meat or salted fish.

Experiment and look for your exclusive recipe for making homemade pancakes.

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