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Supercar SSC Ulitmate Aero XT

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Supercar SSC Ulitmate Aero XT, released by the American auto company Shelby Super Cars, is the final link in the line of versions of the SSC Ulitmate Aero, launched in 2004. The latest representative of the company SSC combines all the best from previous models. In addition, the Ulitmate Aero XT received a seven-liter, boosted engine with 1300 hp.With., 7-speed gearbox, SMG triple disc clutch, newly developed brake system, custom color choice (once the customer chooses the color of the vehicle they want to buy, that color becomes unavailable for other cars). SSC Ulitmate Aero XT won the hearts of fans of high speeds in a short time. Theoretically, this car can accelerate to 439 km / h, although the speedometer has a maximum figure of 430 km / h. But there is data, it was accelerated to 443 km / h. Now SSC Ulitmate Aero XT is the fastest production car. The first version of the supersport car SSC Ulitmate Aero was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for acceleration to 412 km / h. After that, the race for leadership among two high-speed models began – SSC Ulitmate Aero XT and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . The palm periodically passed from one car to another. With the release of the latest version of SSC Ulitmate Aero XT, the title of speed leader has been established for her. SSC overtook Bugatti by 12 km / h and took a dominant position After defeating its rival SSC Ulitmate Aero XT received the formidable nickname “Bugatti killer”. Speed ​​records remained with Shelby Super Cars, leaving the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with a cost record (almost one and a half million dollars). SSC Ulitmate Aero XT takes the third position in the price table ($654,500) Undoubtedly, the definition of the fastest car is rather subjective. It does not take into account cars with jet engines capable of “flying” at an exorbitant speed of 1228 km / h and diesel ones, with a record of 560 km / h. The rating is made up of serial, albeit fabulously expensive, versions of sports cars with conventional gasoline engines. The distribution of positions among the fastest cars currently looks like this: first place – SSC Ulitmate Aero XT – 439 km / h; second place – Bugatti Veyron – 431 km / h; third place – Venom GT – 422 km / h. But the leader can change at any moment! Are you interested in competitive prices?? Details on the website: cktrailer

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