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The door retracts into the wall

by California

With the approach of repairs in the apartment, the question arose: which door to install in the partition between the corridor and the room? It should be mentioned that the choice is quite large. For example, recently interior doors have become very fashionable, which are retracted into the cavity inside the wall. Their main advantage is compactness – they do not take up space outside the opening, which distinguishes them from other types of doors. And the swing door obviously requires more space.

The doorway between the room and the corridor was originally located in the middle of the partition separating them. This option did not suit me because in this place from the side of the room I wanted to place a built-in wardrobe. If the door had remained in the same place, then two narrow cabinets would have to be placed to the left and right of the door. Therefore, it was decided, firstly, to move the doorway to the very edge of the wall, and secondly, to save space, choose not a classic swing door, but one that retracts into a box mounted inside the wall. I decided to make this box from drywall on a metal frame.

First of all, I dismantled part of the partition next to the doorway, expanding it approximately twice. In place of the old opening, I planned to make a box, and the passage – in place of the new opening. The total opening has a width of 185 cm: 90 cm – the door, 90 cm – the box for it and 5 cm – for extensions and limiters. The partition is made of silicate blocks, so it was not difficult to disassemble it. Having dismantled the partition just above the doorway, he installed a wooden lintel above it and began to build a door frame.

The frame was made from ceiling and guide profiles. I fixed two guide profiles parallel to each other on the floor, one – on the ceiling from the side of the room and one more – in the upper part of the doorway from the side of the corridor. The latter sunk a little inside the wall in such a way that the drywall sheet mounted on the frame is flush with the rest of the partition surface. Vertically installed ceiling profiles made double for greater strength. To do this, one inserted into the other, first unbending the curved edges of their shelves. Fastened both profiles with rivets.

After the frame from the side of the corridor was ready, I installed a wooden beam on the lintel of the opening to fasten the rail along which the door leaf would move, and then screwed the rail itself, designed for a weight of up to 80 kg.

After that, he continued the installation of the frame of the box, now – from the side of the room. Racks, also assembled from two profiles, are longer here, since I made the frame in the room in the entire wall and up to the ceiling. This was necessary in order to avoid unnecessary protrusions and corners on this side of the partition – they would definitely have appeared, since the assembled box profile width is 27 mm, GKL thickness is 12.5 mm).

To prevent the door from swaying when moving, a latch is provided on the floor, and an aluminum U-shaped profile on the lower edge of the door leaf. For its installation in the canvas in the center, I chose a groove with a cutter. When installing the door on the rail, the profile located on the bottom of the door was put on the guide latch.

The next stage is the installation of two limiters on the wall, against which the door pushed into the box will rest. The stops are made of dense rubber and soften the blow if someone tries to open the door with excessive force. These restraints are sold in hardware stores, but I bought two large vials from a pharmacy with a very cheap medicine (sodium chloride) and used rubber caps as restraints.

After the construction of the frame and the fastening of the movable door mechanism, as well as the limiters, I proceeded to sheathing the frame with drywall. To do this more accurately, in those places where it goes around the corner of the frame, the drywall had to be milled – on the reverse side, choose a \/-shaped groove. Thanks to her, the sheets were easily folded at right angles without damaging the outer layer of cardboard.

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