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The novelty in the Japanese family of KAY Toyota Pixis Epoch

by California

The Japanese Corporation Toyota has officially introduced a new version of the mini-AUTO from the KAY-KAR family from the Daihatsu subsidiary. Currently, information on the supply of a new car to other countries is missing. In a country where free space on the highway is worth its weight in gold, due to the high overload of vehicles, the company is confident in the success of the new Toyota Pixis Epoch 2012. Kay-kara-small car cars three and a half meters long and one and a half meters wide. Engines in mini cars less than 0.7 liters. Japanese car enthusiasts most often have recently chosen cars of category of kays. Their choice is determined not only by the attractive compact size of the car, but also by the tax incentives provided by the government for this type of transport. Previously, only a segment of the Daihatsu concern was engaged in the production of such cars. Only last year, the global manufacturer Toyota released the first car of the kei car family. To date, a new car from the group of key cars – Toyota Pixis Epoch has replenished the model range of the Toyota brand. Developed on the basis of the latest Daihatsu Cuore technologies, this car with ideal dimensions (car length is 3.4 meters, width and height of almost 1.5) and a small turning radius (4.4 m.) meets the stringent class requirements of the kei car family. The 0.7-liter Toyota Pixis Epoch mini-car engine is supplemented with a Start-Stop system. Opportunity to work with a variant transmission will provide a high level of comfortable driving. The car is equipped not only with front-wheel drive, but with all-wheel drive, which increases the dynamics and cross-country ability of the new car. And those who know how to count money will be pleased with the lowest fuel consumption – less than 4 liters per hundred kilometers. In the domestic car market Toyota Pixis Epoch 2012 went on sale, its price is about ten thousand dollars. Most likely, given the situation of the kei car family in Japan and the stringent requirements for these cars, the latest car from Toyota of the kei car group will remain a car only for Japanese consumers. You can find out about on the site:

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