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What car to buy? Part 2

by California

Now about the parameters. Of course, the car should not be too long (class A or B). It’s creepy in the stream of cars to make maneuvers on a long car. There may be problems with parking, and for beginners this can be a big problem. For people who rarely travel out of town, it is better to purchase a hatchback. This is a small, very manoeuvrable vehicle. It is easy to park in small courtyards, and the cost is correspondingly low. The sedan is more suitable for families who travel out of town. Cars with this type of body feel great both in the city and on the highway. And the trunk is large, which is very convenient. Minus – do not tolerate poor coverage due to low ground clearance and soft suspension. If the family is large, or you have to constantly transport people with cargo, you should pay attention to station wagons – comfortable and not very large cars are considered good helpers when traveling out of town, to the country house with the whole family and a bunch of things you need to relax. For lovers of off-road and snow-covered roads, there are all-wheel drive station wagons – these cars hold the road perfectly and can easily drive where an ordinary passenger car will probably get stuck. Jeeps (SUVs) are purchased by people both because of convenience, safety and cross-country ability, but also to show their status. Gasoline consumption of such a car is 15-17 liters. 100 km, it is difficult to park it, driving a tall and big car requires some driving skill. Now about car safety. The general rule is that the bigger the car, the safer it is. It will be quite sufficient to have three basic options in your car: anti-lock braking system, front airbags and seat belts. The presence of pillows and their “non-shooting” in a used car should be paid attention first of all. To safely take back in the city, it is better to purchase a parking radar – parking sensors. When deciding which car to buy, pay attention to all this, as well as to the documents of this car. You can order at the best prices on the site:

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