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Bioepilation of the bikini zone – women’s Internet portal ”Charming legs”

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The term Bioepilation of the bikini area refers to the removal of pubic hair with wax.

Bioepilation allows you to get rid of hair for a long time and not worry about the smoothness of the skin.

Every modern woman today is interested in keeping the intimate area smooth and attractive for the second half. Men like soft, smooth skin, not stubble or thickets. That’s why bioepilation of the bikini area is becoming more and more popular, because simple hair removal with a razor allows you to enjoy the long-awaited result all day.

Bikini bioepilation is carried out in beauty salons or at home on your own. However, we assure you that no bioepilation at home can be carried out as carefully and professionally as under the supervision of an experienced master.

Bioepilation of the bikini zone – does it hurt?

Of course, removing hair from the root does not bring positive emotions directly during hair removal. However, today there are many ways to dull the pain – special powders and gels, ice or hot wax. Hot wax opens pores and hair pulls out more easily. That’s why bikini waxing is mostly done with hot wax.

Of course, the first two or three procedures will be accompanied by pain, but all subsequent visits to the specialist’s office will be more pleasant. Agree, smooth skin for several weeks is worth it to endure 20-30 minutes.

In addition to removing pubic hair, today you can get rid of hair in the entire bikini area – from the labia and from the anus. This hair removal is called deep bikini bioepilation.

You won’t be able to make a deep bikini at home with high quality, so you will need to go to the salon and trust a professional.

What kind of wax is used for bikini bioepilation?

Bioepilation of the intimate area, including deep bikini bioepilation, uses sugar wax as the main component, that is, wax made from melted sugar. This wax allows you to reduce pain, it is reusable, allows you to remove hair from small surfaces. Also, the advantage of this wax is that it causes allergies in extremely rare cases, and is also suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive skin types. In addition, sugar wax eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs, since hairs are plucked in the direction of their growth.

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