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BMW 7-series – “reboot” 2012

by California

The legendary “BMW 7-Series” has undergone another upgrade and very successfully. The new “seven”, updated externally and internally. The appearance of the new “seven”. The aggressiveness of the car is added by large air intakes, which give design elegance, and also carry a constructive load. The rear suspension of the car has undergone a change, the trunk lid, unlike the previous version, is a one-piece structure. The taillights have a beautiful geometric shape with multi-level LED backlighting. The radiator grille has been changed, which now has 9 – vertical partitions. Upgraded and redesigned suspension setup, stiffer shock absorbers installed. Vibration has also been reduced and rear suspension handling has improved. There was an update to the interior 10-inch screen instead of the dashboard. Behind the front seats are built-in 9-inch screens for passengers sitting in the back. Built-in Bang Music System&Olufsen with 16 speakers – 1200W. As for the interior changes, the dashboard has undergone changes. Upgraded and modified gear lever. In the new BMW 7 model, the standard instrument panel has been replaced by a multi-optional and multi-color display, which is highly customizable to the driver’s requirements. A redesigned instrument panel made so that the slope of the instrument panel protection glass is difficult to see, while the upgraded Black Panel technology, which on the new 10.5-inch monitor creates new display possibilities. Characteristics of the BMW 7-Series. The new “seven” has several engine options – the powerful engine of the “seven” is a 6-liter, with a capacity of 544 liters.With., with acceleration to 100 km in 4.5 second. Petrol engine 4.4 – 445 l.c, new diesel turbo 3.0, power – 381 l.With., all-wheel drive, well, and a simplified 3-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 326 liters.With. All engines of the “seven”, regardless of the configuration, work in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which adapts very quickly to driving the “seven”. Consumption – per 100 km – 6.3 liters. BMW standard equipment – air suspension, power steering, ABS system, ESP system, 6 airbags, climate control function, rain sensors, 100% full power package. Good car handling is based on 5 chassis settings – EcoPro, Comfort +, Comfort, Sport and Sport+. You want at a bargain price? Details on the site:

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