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How to choose the first car? Tips from experienced car enthusiasts!

by California

I think everyone will agree that the car is no longer a luxury. Today, this is perhaps the most convenient means of transportation. In addition, there are now a lot of profitable offers for car loans. As a result, almost anyone can afford a car. When all instances are passed and the loan is issued, there is a problem with choosing a car. Which car do you prefer? What characteristics to pay special attention to? Not every car is suitable for beginners. And it’s not about the price at all. How to choose? Experts advise looking at the following: Car size. A long car won’t suit you. A small car always wins in terms of maneuverability, it is easy to park, and generally much more convenient on the road. Safety. It is not necessary to buy the latest technologies of active and passive security systems. If you are not an oligarch, then belts, airbags and ABS are quite enough. Transmission. For those who live in the city, drive on roads filled with traffic, and are familiar with all the delights of traffic jams and traffic lights, the best choice is an automatic transmission. But you need to take into account 1 minus, after prolonged use of automation, it will be difficult to retrain to a manual transmission. Wish ? Best prices and great selection. Details on the site Car upgrade. Beginners should not spend money on such “gadgets” as a powerful subwoofer, or climate control. It is better to buy reliable tires and insurance. Body choice. Citizens better choose a hatchback. Small, nimble car with a compact trunk. The hatchback is very easy to park, even in small yards. In addition, compared to a station wagon or a sedan, it wins well in price. New or used car!? There are many conflicting opinions in this matter. You can buy a new car, or you can buy it for the same price 3 years ago, but higher class. Make your own choice! Many do not like being the second or third owner. Others specifically buy a “foreign” car so that it is not so pitiful in case of accidental incidents. Experts advise buying a car in the showroom. Only in this way you can get a guarantee about the serviceability of the car. In any case, it’s up to you!

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