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BTC Mixers: description, concept and essence

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Bitcoins, as you know, are not absolutely private coins. For operations with this cryptocurrency, only pseudo-anonymity is provided.

This concept means that users’ personal data is hidden due to cryptographic tools, but the remaining traces, if necessary, can always identify the holder of bitcoins. To ensure complete anonymity, special services were created – Bitcoin Mixing Services (bitokin mixers) https://bestbtcmixers.com. The principle of their operation is based on mixing bitcoins of different owners during transactions. This operation allows you to confuse the tracks and exclude the possibility of tracking. There are a lot of similar services today. And not all of them are reliable and effective enough. BTC Mixers will help you find the best of the existing bitcoin mixers. On the company’s website, you can find detailed informative reviews and ratings of leading bitcoin mixers.


When choosing the best bitcoin mixers, BTC Mixers specialists pay special attention to the following parameters:

  1. Reviews of real customers about specific services on the Internet. BTC Mixers employees carefully study and analyze reviews about each bitcoin mixer to assess their reliability.
  2. Anonymity of the service is the most important criterion when choosing a bitcoin mixer. A high-quality service should request from the user the minimum amount of personal information that is really necessary for performing operations. Too much data requested from the client is a reason for suspicion. Also, a reliable service should not save logs.
  3. Cryptomixers must provide round-the-clock information support to users. At any time, the user should be able to ask a question in the chat and get a competent answer to it in the shortest possible time.

The Best Bitcoin Mixers

According to BTC Mixers , the following services occupy the leading positions among cryptomixers today:

  1. Anonymix is a bitcoin toggle switch that was able to gain popularity quite quickly. There is a minimum fee for using the services of the service, which increases its attractiveness in the eyes of users.
  2. BitMix is aimed at breaking any ties between the wallets of the sender and the recipient of cryptocurrencies. The service has been successfully operating for more than five years.
  3. BTC Blender is a bitcoin mixing service with a minimum commission. When opening the site, the user can immediately start mixing without entering personal data.

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