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Big day for the Lotus team

by California

Romain Grosjean took another step closer to the top step of the Formula One podium with a strong third place in Bahrain on Sunday.

The French Lotus driver started seventh and jumped to fourth at the start before passing Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton to take second. He later lost to team mate Kimi Raikkonen – who had fresh tires for most of the race.

“I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job since the beginning of the races, apart from Melbourne of course,” Grosjean said. “Malaysia, China and here in Bahrain we’ve had some very good starts. I have to say that I really enjoyed the first stint, the car was fantastic in terms of its capabilities and I was able to overtake Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton.”

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“I think our car feels good, the team can be proud of what they’ve done because since this season we’ve been going so tightly between the cars, which makes it very difficult for us to be at the front and we have two cars on the podium, which is a very good result, I would even say excellent. We work very hard, trying to use several new parts and builds for the car – old and new, and seeing which combination is the best, but it’s always difficult to determine.”

“Tires, as you know, wear out very quickly and it doesn’t give us a lot of free time, but the practice of our podium places feels pretty good and I think it will feel even better when I take a plane home for one or two days to rest before the factory and workers try to put together a better car for the next race. “

Romain Grosjean says season is unpredictable.

“Who can say who will be the world champion? I don’t think it has ever happened before and it won’t happen now. It was incredible in China – 10 cars in 3/10 or eleven cars. It’s just amazing and it just depends on who and how many new updates, but I think the season will be what it is so far”.

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