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Car for company representative

by California

As you know, the saying “Meet by clothes” is not without reason, because as soon as a person has just acquired a status and position, he instantly becomes the center of attention of a certain social group.

A person holding any leadership position will first of all be judged by external signs, one of which is his personal car.


Accordingly, if a major leader allows himself to appear at least once in a middle-class car, rumors will instantly spread about his imminent ruin. Competitors and journalists are on the alert, and both of them will gladly take up the search for fried facts, pursuing their own interests. In order not to give a reason to once again subject your well-being to a detailed analysis, any self-respecting businessman should acquire a representative or business class car.

First of all, let's pay attention to the country of origin. Cars produced in China and Korea are famous for their relatively low price and look appropriate, but with their emblem on the radiator grill they will say that the owner clearly decided to save. This sign can serve as a starting point for unwanted gossip. Therefore, it is worth choosing a car produced in a country that has long established itself as an impeccable manufacturer. Germany, Japan, USA, France, Italy – the choice is quite extensive.

The next step is color. The opinion of others will also largely depend on his choice. The best options have always been and remain white and black. But even here there are pluses and minuses: a white car must constantly sparkle with perfectly washed sides, as a result, you will have to visit the car wash quite often. But the white color – a symbol of purity – will only play into your hands, it will be associated with the state of your affairs.

The shape of the car should not be vulgar. Sharp bevelled corners, flashy design or airbrushing are not suitable for a business person’s transport. Streamlined shapes or neat right angles are an indicator of a serious, confident owner.

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