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cheesecake recipes

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Many young mothers often have to cook dishes from cottage cheese, because this product is simply necessary for young children. But everyone knows that it is almost impossible to force a child to eat what he does not like, so you need to make sure that a healthy dish is also very tasty. One of these dishes are cheesecakes. To prepare this Viennese delicacy, you will need ten eggs, one kilogram of cottage cheese, five tablespoons of flour, two bags of vanilla sugar, one glass of sour cream, a pack of butter, orange peel, a few raisins and baking powder. Rub the butter with vanilla sugar, yolks and ordinary sugar. Add baking powder, flour, sour cream and beat it all with a mixer. Pour cottage cheese into the resulting mixture, but before that, pass it several times through a meat grinder. To make the cheesecake delicious, the solution must be very carefully mixed with whipped proteins and add raisins or dried apricots. Before spreading the dough, grease a baking sheet and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. You need to cook the dish on low heat for about two hours. The temperature in the oven should not exceed 160 degrees. Otherwise, the moisture will evaporate very quickly and the cheesecake will settle. By the way, you don’t have to use flour to make this dish. It is enough to take half a kilogram of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of semolina, two homemade chicken eggs, two teaspoons of potato starch, three tablespoons of sugar, vanilla and vegetable oil.

When preparing different dishes, you will find recipes with photos on many sites, so that our delicacy can be given both a rectangular and square or round shape. First you need to grind the cottage cheese with a potato crusher or meat grinder. Beat the eggs and pour semolina into the mixture, the resulting mass will swell within two minutes, after which you can add cottage cheese and starch. Lastly, vanilla and sugar are added to the mixture. Next, the mass must be divided into small portions, roll in flour and fry in a pan.

As soon as a golden crust appears, the dish is ready. Cheesecakes prepared in this way are best served cold. Be careful, strictly adhere to the indicated proportions, otherwise the dish will turn out to be “knocked down”. Thanks to a special mixture of cottage cheese and semolina, the rounds do not spread in the pan, but they taste very tender.

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