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Four-channel amplifier. EOS AE – 980F LIMITED EDITION

by California

Recommended price: 21 500 p.

Class: Absolute

Design and equipment

Actually, the AE – 980F amplifier has already been in our laboratory. However, we undertake to assert that we have a completely new model. You can distinguish a novelty without unwinding the case by the tail in the name – Limited Edition. The main feature of the AE-980F is that it is essentially two independent 2-channel amplifiers in a water package. It consists of two power supplies, which provides not only a solid power reserve, but also reduces the mutual influences between the channels to zero. This is especially true for systems in which one pair of channels is decently loaded, and the other is entrusted with the reproduction of gentle environments in the non-frequency and high-frequency ranges. Limited edition Sanken output transistors replaced by Motorola transistors. German film capacitors Mundorf replaced by American REL. Some op amps have been replaced with National Semiconductors chips.

In practice

The first thing that can immediately be noted is the high resolution. We are not talking about some explicit criteria like “heard – inaudible”, we are talking about reproducing such subtle nuances of the recording that we may not even perceive as separate

sounds – barely perceptible overtones of instruments or reverberation of the rooms in which the recording was made. All this affects the transmission of bulk information.

For example, on the track “Pink Panther” from the IASCA disc, which is used to evaluate the depth of the sound stage at competitions, the instruments were not just lined up in one plane, but literally located behind the stand, and in the way it should be – some closer, others farther. Last but not least, such an accurate transmission of very quiet sounds was made possible thanks to an increased quiescent current of -1.7 A per pair of channels allows the amplifier to transmit signal peaks without straining, and our hearing is quite sensitive to them. As a result, at the same volume, the sound is perceived as more open, free, light, and, quite naturally, without the slightest hint of syntheticity. We strongly recommend this amplifier not only to picky lovers of good sound, but also to participants in car audio competitions.

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