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Chinese crossover LIFAN X60 is already on sale in Russia, part 1

by California

The manufacturer launched the LIFAN X60 crossover for sale in mid-2011, and now it can be purchased in Russia. The machine has a high-tech gasoline engine 1.8 VVT (Variable Valve Timing System). The engine was developed by Lifan Motors and the British company “RICARDO”. In the engine, the moments of closing and opening of valves change depending on the speed and load. This made it possible to increase fuel consumption to 8.2 liters per hundred kilometers. The engine will develop power up to 133 l.With. and torque 168 Nm. Front-wheel drive only, 5-speed manual transmission. The appearance of the crossover is consistent with modern trends in automotive design. The front chrome finished Hawk-Eye headlights have a chrome rim for a unique look. It is possible to adjust the height of the beam. This increases safety when driving at night. The turn signal lights are oversized and integrated into the bumper for easy visibility. Hood LIFAN X60 has a streamlined shape. This gives a powerful and robust look to the crossover. Adds sportiness X-shaped two-tone front bumper. Matches well with the front bumper and rear two-tone bumper. There is a wide chrome strip near the license plate. A representative view of the entire rear end is betrayed by dual rear LED lights. Are you interested in ? Optimal price. Visit the site The interior of the crossover is roomy, it is finished with modern high-quality materials and the latest automotive design. There are many bright silver panels in the decoration. Despite the modern design, Chinese aesthetic standards can be traced in the interior trim. This attracts the attention of customers even more. The car interior is designed to provide the maximum possible amount of space for the driver and passengers. There is enough space in the leg salon to feel comfortable passengers above average height. Enough space and above the head. The seats are convenient. The rear seats have three head restraints and adjustable backs of the back of the back. There is a wide armrest between the seats with a spacious mess and two cup holders. The two -layer console has the shape of a wave. The location of the buttons and control handles is ergonomically. Everything in its place. The instrument panel is simple and at the same time quite informative. All necessary information is in the field of view of the driver in a compact space.

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