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New opportunities. Europe.

by California

23 May, 2012 | 11:18

By the way, in the future, according to representatives of the company, UzDaewoo will probably organize the production of the Chevrolet Rezzo compact van, which will replace the Nexia on the assembly line. When this should be expected is not yet clear. It is only known that “Rezzo” in the form in which it exists now will be produced for at least another two years. However, it is possible that the next generation of “Rezzo” may not exist at all. The fact is that the Koreans have developed a new class of cars for themselves – a seven-seater crossover built on the Lacetti platform. The car, in principle, replacing the compact van, is already being tested. So far, the car exists only in a front-wheel drive version, but most likely, an all-wheel drive version will also appear. The novelty, which does not differ in expressive design, is designed to compete with the popular in Russia and the world “Nissan Qashqai”.

Bet on Europe

Not only Russia live in “GM DAT”. Korean cars are also popular in Europe, however, so far mainly in Eastern. The reason, according to experts, is the lack of diesel engines. Indeed, now the GM DAT has only one diesel-powered engine, and it is installed only on the Captiva SUV, while in Western Europe, and more and more often in Eastern Europe, even small cars are preferred with diesel engines. Therefore, in the future it is planned to significantly expand the range of diesel engines. For this, by the way, a special plant was built, where development and testing of new diesel engines is already underway. In the future, such engines should appear on all models of the company, and the wait is not so long. The fact is that the American concern is experiencing serious financial difficulties in the US market. There, sales are falling, factories are closing, workers are being laid off. “GM DAT” today, one might say, is the locomotive of the company, and the fate of the entire “General Motors” depends on how quickly it conquers new markets and gains a foothold in old ones.

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