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Choosing a sofa for an apartment

by California

As you know, the pace of modern life is accelerating every day: people work more and rest less, technologies are improving, requirements are growing. Along with this, human needs are expanding. That’s why quality and affordable recreation is so important today. And this vacation cannot be imagined without comfortable and compact upholstered furniture.

Often, the choice of a sofa is a difficult task for the buyer, since the range of goods in furniture stores is quite large.

A few tips can help with this, knowing which you can shorten the process of choosing a sofa, during the renovation of an apartment, in time and minimize the likelihood of a costly mistake:

1) It is necessary to choose a sofa, taking into account the compatibility of its design and the anatomical needs of the person who will use it. To do this, it is enough to sit on it right in the furniture store before buying a sofa that you like and listen to your feelings. To make the right choice, you need to try several models.

2) An important factor is the quality of the material from which the piece of furniture is made. Comfortable and safe sofas should have a durable and non-toxic frame (preferably from dried wood). It is also important to choose a sofa with high-quality upholstery: foam rubber or any other soft material lying on springs should not deform after getting up from the sofa, regardless of the person’s weight.

3) Before you purposefully go to the store, you will need the exact dimensions of all the rooms in the apartment, since the sofa selected according to the above criteria may have one drawback – lack of space.

4) If the goal is to buy a sofa bed (with a folding or retractable back), then it is important to monitor the quality of the moving mechanical part. In a good sofa, all parts will be made of dense, durable metal, well lubricated and sanded (no uneven protrusions) so that the moving part slides out smoothly, without any effort.

5) Among the displaying options, a constructive simplicity is a sofa in the form of a “book”. But in this case, it is necessary to add several tens of centimeters to the distance from the wall to the back of the sofa, since in the unfolded state it will take up more space and may not fit into the area allotted for it. This also applies to a retractable sofa.

6) one of the most convenient is a sofa called “telescope”. His second sleeping half leaves on wheels from under the main part. At the same time, the halter difference in height is compensated by a specially designed design of the pillows. But there is one minus: it’s hard to choose a sofa with high -quality wheels. They often scratch the floor or jam. This problem can be solved if you choose an option with rubber wheels.

7) When it makes sense to save living space, then the best choice would be a quality corner sofa. It fits well into the interior, takes up relatively little space and most of these models have a special storage inside for blankets, linen and pillows. In general, the main task is to choose a sofa so that it is comfortable and affordable. And after that, it will be much easier to decide on the design and coloring.

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