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OSAGO is waiting for changes.

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OSAGO is waiting for changes

Due to the fact that the deputies of the LDPR submitted a bill for consideration by the State Duma, soon the drivers of cars who were injured in an accident will have the opportunity to choose the method of compensatory payment for OSAGO.

As indicated on the official website of the LDPR, the bill itself was developed by Igor Lebedev, who is the vice speaker of the State Duma from the LDPR party, and Andrei Svintsov and Yaroslav Nilov, deputies of the faction.

The authors of the bill believe that the current legislation puts the victim and the insurer in an unequal position. This conclusion was prompted by the thirteenth article of the Federal Law, which reads “On Compulsory Insurance by Vehicle Owners of Civil Liability” by the LDPR members. This article involves negotiating the terms of compensation of the insurance company with the victim.

It follows that the driver has the right to either accept the conditions of the insurance company or refuse them, but the driver himself will not be able to make an independent decision regarding the payment of compensation. At the moment, the insurance company has the right to independently decide how the payment is made, which means that insurers, instead of compensating for the damage, have the right to send the car for repair.

If the State Duma approves a document prepared by representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, the injured party receives the right to independently choose either repair at the expense of the insurance company, or receive compensation.

In addition, an explanatory note to this bill was posted on the website of the LDPR party, which states that “it should be noted that the Federal Law was adopted to protect the rights of victims in order to compensate for harm caused to their health, life or property during the use of transport funds. Taking into account this purpose of the Federal Law, this draft law recommends that it be amended, strengthening the right to make a decision on the method of compensation for the victim, and not for the insurance company.

This bill will come into its own in 2013 on January 1, if the deputies of the State Duma approve it. A little earlier, representatives of the traffic police came up with an initiative regarding the OSAGO policy. The state traffic inspectorate proposed an increase in the cost of insurance for drivers repeatedly detained for driving while intoxicated.

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