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Driving on the night road. Tips for new car enthusiasts

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Each driver, leaving on the road, almost always risks. The risk is especially high at night and at dusk. Yes, and the physiological characteristics of our body make themselves felt. By the end of the day, a person experiences fatigue, the speed of reactions decreases, vigilance is dulled. Therefore, at night, the driver must concentrate and exercise caution. Rest before a night trip. Otherwise, you can fall asleep at the wheel! Of course, night trips have their advantages: there are almost no cars on the roads. But this should not push you to increase speed. According to statistics, half of all accidents occur at night. Be prepared for a night trip. Check headlights, clean glass, turn signals. Dirty windshields will scatter the light of cars moving towards you. And this will create additional danger. Adjust the brightness of the instrument lighting. Dim lighting will make it difficult to read readings, and very bright lighting will irritate the eyes. Take some time to turn the interior mirror switch, it should be in the night driving position. Turn on your low beam as soon as it gets dark. You must be seen by other drivers as well. And when stopping, the parking lights do not need to be turned off, especially when the road is poorly lit. It is advisable to move off the road altogether or go to the extreme lane further away. Alarm must be enabled. Night overtaking is more dangerous than daytime overtaking. When overtaking, switch to dipped beam when approaching the car, look at the signs and markings. After analyzing the situation, turn on the left turn. And then, driving into the opposite lane, increase your speed. The car being overtaken you must see. And, having caught up with him, switch to the high beam. This will allow you to assess the situation on the track. After overtaking, return to your lane with the right turn signal on. On the track you can always see a motorist who moves smoothly, the speed of the car is constant. Follow this car keeping your distance. This will help you to respond competently to an emergency situation, to prevent possible errors. Use the services of a car service in St. Petersburg using the site:

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