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In the practice of a motorist or professional driver, situations periodically arise when it is necessary to use the services of a tow truck. This may be an accident or breakdown of the car on the way, driving the car by an inexperienced driver and other non-standard situations. With the help of professionals, you can easily cope with any troubles on the road.

Modern transport evacuation services have a large fleet of special equipment for various purposes and capacities. If your car stalled on a highway far from the city, do not despair. Call the company’s dispatcher and help will rush immediately. Applications are accepted throughout the week without weekends and holidays. At night, there is a brigade on duty, ready to immediately begin to provide assistance. You can get acquainted with the list of services on the website of the Tug 24 service.

Many years of work in the service market, a lot of thanks from drivers, emphasizes the level of service of the company. Workers undergo regular vocational training, competent and polite. Extensive experience of the company’s drivers allows you to cope with the most difficult situations. Loading of equipment on the tow truck is carried out carefully, quickly, professionally. Works are carried out with any type of car. An order can be placed at the dispatcher via a multi-channel phone line. When calling, be sure to clearly tell where exactly you are, what brand of car, what exactly happened on the road. This information is necessary in order to correctly determine which type of tow truck to send to the track. Any types of evacuation services for the following type of vehicles:


Trucks of various capacities.

Loaded trucks and special vehicles.

Small city cars.

SUVs and jeeps of any production.

Minibuses and passenger buses.

Motorcycles, mopeds, any non-standard vehicles.

Whatever happens on the road, immediately call the tow truck service. The dispatcher will help you orient yourself correctly, direct the necessary type of special equipment to assist. Even if an accident occurs, do not worry. Qualified specialists will assist and wait until the traffic police arrive. Applications for departure are accepted at any time of the day, within seven days of the week. There are always several free cars in the fleet, ready to immediately go to the call. The cost depends on the distance, the complexity of the accident and other conditions.

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