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Premium from Mercedes: for more than a hundred years in the market

by California

Premium class. These words have always forced all motorists to tremble, because there are few what a driver can afford a premium car car. And every new Mercedes released is a real masterpiece of the world auto industry. Since 1871, the Mercedes company pleases us with fresh ideas in the machine -building industry. It should be noted that German quality has already become an axiom when it comes to vehicles directly. If the consumer is going to buy a German car, then he can not talk about quality, he also knows that it is at a high level.

Since 2010, the new Mercedes occupied the second place in cost, exactly, like the company itself. The history of the emergence of the brand is very funny. More than a hundred years ago in Germany there were two independent firms that were leading not only in the domestic market, but also on the world. They decided to combine their efforts, as a result of which a large industrial engineering organization was formed. This is not to say that she had no difficult time, there were crisis situations, but she never fell low. The representatives of the representative class have always been in demand, and, given that in difficult times, the leadership simply reduced the cost of them to solve their financial capabilities, demand was an unchanged companion.

Now you can buy a new Mercedes all over the world. Such a vehicle, as a rule, always has an elegant appearance, it is designed for businessmen. It should be noted that even the female half of the population is crazy about this German car industry. This is due to the fact that the executive class of cars is focused on busy people. They need to get from one place to another, and as quickly as possible. Therefore, acceleration and maneuverability of cars is high. Gearbox – automatic. All these characteristics make the car not only comfortable, any person will be satisfied with the trip in it.

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