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Wedding on the water and Wishes for the wedding

by California

Two people, he and she, decided to create a family, a unit of society, so to speak. And so many questions come up. How, when, and most importantly – where. A lot has been said about this, but the answer to the last question pleased us on the site . Wedding on a boat – what could be better.

If you are interested in a wedding on a ship in Kyiv, then please follow the link provided and find out how it can be done. This wedding will be a truly significant celebration for the young. Prudish restaurants and car rides are already very ordinary and cannot be compared with a “wedding on the water” at all.

Well, here it comes, this beautiful day. Wedding day. And the wedding is, of course, congratulations. But many guests sometimes do not know what to say. Let’s help them and give some examples.

We wish you a harmonious marriage filled with the joys of life. May your love always be as strong and passionate as it is now! We love you and wish you to endure the storms of sometimes such a difficult life! happy wedding day!

Today you swear allegiance to each other, and this is wonderful and interesting! Know that love is like a flower – open and beautiful, but requires care. Love is strong in caring for each other! Happy wedding day and happiness!

Happy wedding newlyweds! Today we see in your eyes a bewitching glow of a wonderful feeling, and we sincerely wish you to keep it throughout your journey together. And let your house be filled with children’s voices! Bitterly!

Today we hear the clink of glasses filled with wine, and we know that this is the beginning of your life together as a family! Create a long and happy marriage where every day you wake up will be accompanied by a smile! We wish you to easily reach understanding and fully trust your partner in life! Wish you lots of luck, and hope to be your friends at all times!!!

Some say that love is blind, that marriage brings back sight, so be careful, cherish and love each other! Be with her and see each other’s soul. We wish you a happy journey in life, and after the wedding, long days and passionate love! happy wedding day!

happy wedding day! Congratulations on your new husband and new wife! General happiness in your new life! Bitterly!

Hope all wonderful wedding wishes come true soon! right today. May the joy throughout the years be as great as the love in your hearts! happy wedding day!

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