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Register for pregnancy

by California

A wonderful event is happening in your life – you become registered, a baby will appear in 9 months!

one. Think of going to the doctor like your baby’s birthday, you can record it all on video, start keeping a diary and write down all the pleasant events that happen to you two.

2. Do not be shy! Your mom is embarrassed that she is a mom? Soon everyone will know about your baby.

3. Do not cry, all the same, those who offended you will eat all the woolen things. Smile. Shame on the one who offends you, but not on you.

four. During pregnancy, the hormonal background, mood changes, so you can react inadequately to others and perceive their words as an insult. Go to the doctor for the first time with a friend, loved one or other close person.

It will be easier for them to explain your problem to the doctor, because the other person has nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Remember: you have the right to a peaceful and happy pregnancy. Find a consultation where a good doctor works. It’s even better if he watches you all the time. In addition, it is not necessary to register at the place of registration, you can easily register at the place of residence, you will simply be asked to write an application. I don’t advise you to focus on this, just say that you live nearby and want to be registered at the place of residence, there is nothing seditious in this.

For example, I came up with a virtual address of my residence and wrote it down on a card. If suddenly the patronage nurse does not find you at this address, just explain that you rented an apartment with your husband at this address, and now you have moved, but you do not want to change the doctor.

6. Talk to the head of the consultation, she will direct you to the right doctor.

7. Buy a couple of packs of paper for consultation or a package of powder, or liquid baby soap if you are afraid to give bribes. You don’t give money, but you help with consultations, where you will be registered! Plus, they’ll probably ask you to buy something.

eight. If you come for a consultation in the first weeks of pregnancy, you will gain time. Even if they refuse to register you in this consultation, you will have three more months left to find yourself a good doctor.

Remember: your baby needs a healthy and happy mom .

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