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Should I convert my car to gas?? Part 2

by California

Let’s now look at the disadvantages. one. Almost most motorists complain about a very unpleasant smell in the cabin, which allegedly cannot be weathered in any way. But propane doesn’t actually smell at all. Its smell is due to a special fragrance, which is specially added to the gas mixture. This is done so that a person can always determine if there is a gas leak by smell to prevent an explosion. And it is this smell that penetrates into the interior of the car, even despite the fact that a completely sealed system. Remember, in order to eliminate this smell, be sure to drain the condensate into a special container at least once a month. Rags or containers used after this procedure should never be stored in the trunk of a car. Even if this does not help, then most likely you have a problem with the gases that leave the engine. The entire system should be inspected and tested very carefully. If a small fistula is found somewhere, then you definitely need to brew it and the smell will disappear. I would also like to draw attention to the fact that in Europe there are a number of cars that do not have a gas tank. They are adapted to run only on gas. These cars are business class, so you shouldn’t blame the lack of gas until you find the problem and stop looking at everything with a bias. 2. A car running on gas has a difficult engine start in winter. You can even compare a diesel engine that you can’t start at -30 without pre-installing heaters on the fuel filter and fuel tank. In the cold, propane-butane becomes less active and thick, and its ignition becomes very poor. And if you also take into account thickened engine oil, then the car may not start at all. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, you must first start the engine on gasoline. Be sure to convert the system to petrol before parking your vehicle. When filling the fuel line, you can immediately park your car and do not hesitate your iron horse will start up for sure. Are you interested in competitive prices?? Details on the website: auto2002

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