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BMW 0-series. What is it?

by California

BMW’s new promo video, which has been leaked via southeastern sites, sends all the boxes for car enthusiasts and fans of the auto giant to believe that Series 1 development is well under way. In the video, the car is shown as a representative of the mystical series “0”, the car itself can be seen from several angles, as well as the designer of the company is busy at work, which also allows one to believe the speculation that the new car is being delayed due to possible changes in body design and salon.

It is likely that BMW is developing the first front-wheel drive car in its history, which should enter the market as a competitor to the Mini-cooper. A segment of the market that has long been under the closest attention of BMW marketers. The company has repeatedly stated its intention to introduce front-wheel drive economical city cars into production, but so far all these have been just rumors. Now they seem to be finding ground. It is also worth noting that all the “1” series cars were so easy to drive that the owners did not even suspect that they were driving a rear-wheel drive car. This was shown by official surveys of the company’s marketing service. The new car will most likely use a traditional steel body, which means that dent repairs will cost quite moderate amounts, and the material itself is more resistant to physical damage than aluminum.

All over the world, paintless repairs are the norm, but for cars with softer metal, this option is more affordable, and the efficiency of metal extraction will be much more tangible. This is what the body regarding. Except for the body materials there is no extra information. The chassis will apparently be significantly redesigned whether this will affect the performance of service centers? A non -standard approach to creating a car leads many design elements and technologies that have never been part of BMW before. For example, the concept of a new “0” series includes a five -seater and five -door version, almost a hatchback, but retains the ideas of a sports, fashionable car. Given the introduction of the ideas of the front -wheel drive and changing the suspension – these are all serious changes that can be met by the true fans of the company in bayonets.

The exhibition exit at the exhibition is expected during the Megatic show in mid -2013. Media is distributed throughout Southeast Asia, this means that the concept will arrive in Europe only in the summer of this year.

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