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Signal lights are needed in order to indicate to drivers the scene of an accident, a dangerous section of the road, especially if it has become so recently, for example, after an accident – and all this at night or just in the dark. Such products send a fairly soft light that does not hit the eyes, but at the same time is able to draw attention to itself. There are two versions: with red light and with yellow. In this case, LEDs become the light source, simple lamp options are increasingly becoming obsolete, because they consume too much energy, and are also quite unreliable. Switching on and off is forced here, which ensures that there are no interruptions at a critical moment.

Signal lights are capable of performing a variety of functions. With their help, you can designate a specific place that is better to go around. They can also be a great way to draw attention to yourself, for example, if you actively wave a flashlight or turn it on and off in a certain sequence, then this is unlikely to go unnoticed. Finally, you can use it for its intended purpose, that is, to illuminate the space around you, which during twilight or at night can be absolutely necessary.

Requirements for lanterns

The stable work of products becomes extremely important in emergency situations already based on the purpose of the lamps, from which cases in which they most often work with them. Therefore, Rusdorbusiness provides its products with reliable autonomous power sources (batteries) that do not take up much space, do not make flashlights heavy, but allow them to safely use for several hours without recharging. It is necessary to buy these important assistants and road signs in advance to use them if necessary. Pay attention to the fact that the models discussed and available on sale can work for several hours continuously, which in most cases will allow you to deal with the situation and either find help, or carry out on your own current minor repairs and continue moving.

Also, the company has very responsibly approached the manufacture of the case. It protects internal contacts from moisture, dust, shock and external damage. Of course, this does not mean that the flashlights will withstand a fall from a great height or significant pressure. But this approach to their manufacture has significantly increased the service life. All products come with appropriate documentation and warranties.

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