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It is known that the facade is what welcomes the guests of the house. Therefore, it is important to constantly take care of the appearance of the facade, constantly improving it. Make-up for any facade will be a good paint. What’s more, simple painting is the cheapest possible way to furnish your façade. All paints have certain criteria by which they evaluate how good a given product will be in use. First of all, these are: wear resistance, impermeability to various vapors and moisture, resistance to pollution, beauty, the possibility of washing and applying a second coat of color. Let’s analyze each parameter separately. Durability determines how long a paint will last. The most durable of the currently existing paints are silicone paints. This is because synthetic additives do not allow this paint to wear out quickly, constantly maintaining good paint retention properties on the painted surface. True, such paints have a minus – they are expensive. Therefore, instead of purely synthetic, it is desirable to use acrylic paints with the addition of synthetic resins. Such paints live up to thirty years! Alkyd counterparts – up to five years, and natural oil even in a gentle mode – up to three years. Resistance to external influences is the ability of paints to withstand precipitation, temperature changes, peeling, water ingress. Although all paints are somehow resistant to such influences, the facade of your house is still the most vulnerable place in the defense and protection of repairs. It is very important to choose a paint that will not fade in the light. The fact is that it is light, a seemingly harmless phenomenon, that poses the greatest danger to paints. Most importantly, remember that even the most durable paints do not retain their full color vibrancy after fifteen years of use.

Manufacturability of paint.

Manufacturability is a characteristic that determines how convenient it is to work with paint. First of all, it is the convenience and ease of application, solubility. The easiest thing is with paints based on an aqueous solution: they do not smell strongly, and dry quickly, and are easily washed off clothes. At the same time, they are resistant to atmospheric precipitation, but, at the same time, “breathe” quite well. By the way, you need to apply any paint in one direction. The appearance of the paint is the main external parameter. It determines what color the facade will be. Also, this parameter helps to find out how shiny the facade of the room will be. Finally, a similar parameter determines the color saturation on the facade. Attention: any surfaces before painting work should be carefully treated with special materials.How to choose the right paint?

Consult with a specialist, indicating to him the data that you require from the paint. To do this, just come to a specialized hardware store, where you need to ask sellers – consultants. Next, evaluate the available options by viewing the catalog of colors and shades.Choose the color you need. Also, with the help of a special program for creating colors, you can mix colors in front of your eyes, depending on your desire. After these procedures, you can get the paint at the checkout and make a settlement with the seller. If you buy paint – do not save on it! Better pay more, but choose a quality product that will serve you faithfully for many years. Moreover, take enough time to treat the surface properly. After all, the quality of future work largely depends on the surface.

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