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Surrogacy. Is everything so simple?

by California

The health statistics of married couples is such that for some of them, surrogacy is the only way to fulfill their cherished dream – to become parents, and not adoptive ones, but real ones. After all, not all infertile couples are ready for the choice offered by society – to raise an adopted child or remain childless at all, which are not so few in the world.

Surrogacy in Russia

According to various sources, 15-20% of couples face this problem. Russia, apparently, is facing a reproductive catastrophe, because for it this figure is even higher. And if earlier the woman was almost always considered the source of problems, the harsh reality is this: a third of couples cannot have a child due to the infertility of the wife, another third – due to the problems of the husband, the same number – due to mutual infertility, the rest account for other reasons , for example, incompatibility of spouses.

Modern medicine is quite capable of coping with many of these problems, because reproductive technologies work wonders, making it possible to experience the joy of motherhood for infertile couples who are on the verge of despair and even the breakdown of relationships. Today, even such serious problems as the absence of a uterus or the inability of the female body to keep the fetus (habitual miscarriages) are not an obstacle to having your own child. A surrogate mother comes to the aid of such families, who can carry and give birth to a baby for them. In case of complete infertility of a woman, she can also be an egg donor, while being the genetic mother of the child. There are cases when relatives – mothers or sisters, as well as close friends act as a surrogate mother. This so-called non-commercial surrogacy. However, more often than not, infertile couples contract to bear their own children with healthy women without a criminal record who already have at least one child.

Problems of surrogate motherhood

Authorized parents, like a surrogate mother, must undergo psychological testing and get legal advice before making a final decision – this will help to avoid many problems in the future. After all, children born by surrogate mothers, only after signing the refusal, can be given to genetic parents. A law prohibiting a surrogate mother from keeping a child has not yet been adopted in Russia.

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