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The best Hyundai are made in Russia.

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It’s time to open the column “Obvious – incredible”: the Koreans came to the conclusion that Hyundai Sonata is harvested in Taganrog better than in the Land of Morning Calm

When we visited TagAZ two years ago, the report had to be called “Sleeping Handsome Man”: a modern car assembly plant seemed to be dozing. Cars hung on the conveyor with passes, after one, the shops looked half empty and did not work every day. Now the picture is completely different: recently there was enough loading with Hyundai Accent alone, and now Hyundai Sonata has also been added. We asked Vladimir Nikolaevich GELEVEROV, Deputy General Director of TagAZ, to talk about how Russian Hyundais are assembled.

– Does Hyundai Sonata have any features that complicate its assembly compared to Accent?

– First of all, a different approach to the car itself. We have a worker before assembling the Sonata every time he puts on fresh gloves, because unlike the Accent, the interior of the model is made of leather or leatherette, there are polished wood-like decorative panels. As soon as all this is installed, they are immediately covered with a film, so that later during the assembly process they do not scratch.

A memo hangs at each workplace – up to photographs showing, for example, what the fuse setting should be, because you can simply forget something with the Accent stream, which is collected on the same conveyor. In front of Sonata there is a pass of one car so that a person has a margin of time. In addition, the assembly process is as systematized as possible: each detail has its own addressing, and there are appropriate codes on the suspensions of the conveyor. It is enough for a new person to show everything once, and he can already put the desired part in the right place.

– We noticed that many women are working on the conveyor. There are actually a lot of them, or just a wonderful floor stands out against the general background?

– There are really many women. Especially on line B – the installation of cladding.

– Women are more careful?

– Yes. They have a more delicate approach. Facing is plastic, plastic is clips that tend to break.

– Now Sonata controllers have more complaints than Accent?

– Let’s just say: there are more complaints than for Accent, which has been released for three years. But not because Sonata is still worse collected. Just the criterion of quality is higher. A car that costs twice as much, requires twice as serious attitude.

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