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The choice of windows for a country house

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In addition to houses and apartments, there are other real estate objects for which it is also necessary to deal with the acquisition or replacement of windows. These are country houses. This choice also has a number of features. By installing windows in the country, most owners want to get the best quality result for the least money. This value for money is very important, as many prefer to choose budget options.

PVC and aluminum windowsPVC windows are currently one of the most common designs. They have a number of advantages. Such windows are extremely unpretentious in maintenance, they can be washed with conventional means. The price-performance ratio is quite attractive, given the good thermal insulation properties of the double-glazed windows and high-quality fittings, which should be lubricated if necessary.The price of PVC windows varies depending on the selected profile and manufacturer.The disadvantages include something that provides good functional characteristics, but does not have a sufficient level of environmental friendliness – it is plastic. The dacha is a vacation spot for the whole family, where you can breathe fresh air, enjoy nature, and PVC slightly spoils this idealistic picture, since it does not apply to natural materials.Aluminum windows are similar in performance to PVC windows and have the same advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, their cost is much higher, so it is not advisable to consider them as a cheap option for giving.


[center] Wooden windows

Wooden windows are another option for a country house. According to their design, they can differ in several types. Terrace frames are considered the simplest. Accordingly, the cost of such windows is much lower. But not without drawbacks. Attractive price leads to poor quality. Such frames may have wood defects in the form of knots, cracks in the timber, poor fittings. All this leads to poor thermal insulation. This option is more suitable for non-residential premises.Wooden European windows are considered to be of the highest quality. Such structures have a presentable appearance, show high thermal insulation characteristics. As an added bonus, there is a built-in aluminum ebb, located below the window sashes. This option is elite and does not provide an opportunity to save.

Wooden windows with double glazing

There is an option that combines the advantages of all of the above options – these are wooden windows with double-glazed windows. They provide a low cost of construction, comparable to PVC windows, have high-quality sound and heat insulation characteristics. Such windows have good fittings, additional sealing contours. The use of wood species to create frames allows you to increase the environmental friendliness of the product. Cost reduction is ensured by reducing the thickness of the wooden component of the frame and double-glazed windows. The beam, chosen as the main material, is created from two glued layers and is processed to remove defects.It can be made from pine, oak or larch. An additional element is an aluminum dropper that protects the bottom of the window from flowing water.The considered windows are the most common among the options for country houses and allow you to get the highest possible quality at the best cost.

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