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Volkswagen cars.

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Volkswagen cars

The history of Volkswagen dates back to 1934, and the first car with that name was released a year later. He immediately captivated motorists with such qualities as comfort and reliability, for which he began to be called the “people’s car”.

This nationwide love began with the world-famous “beetle”. And the favorite of Russians, according to many, was the Volkswagen Passat sedan. Although, at one time it was not only a sedan, but also a station wagon. And the engines were equipped with a variety of. Today, this sedan includes all possible technical delights, up to the car parking as standard in the B7 model, and at the same time has a very real price.

Among the elders is the Volkswagen Golf (the first models appeared in 1947). This was the first experience of a small but diesel car, which later developed into a turbodiesel along with a gasoline engine.

Of course, we cannot ignore the Volkswagen Touareg, which combines the power of an SUV, the convenience of an urban sedan, and the speed of a sports car. Volkswagen Touareg has been known since 2002, and with each subsequent model, manufacturers have improved each of these components.

The entire line of Volkswagen models is presented on the avilon volkswagen website at an authorized Volkswagen dealer. If you still have any doubts, you can leave a request, and an Avilon specialist will definitely call you back and dispel all doubts. After that, you just have to open the page with the copy you like and place an order.

Almost every purchase from an authorized dealer is accompanied by various promotions and gifts. And this is not counting the service on very favorable terms, not only for warranty, but also for post-warranty cars. By the way, you can buy not only a new, but also a used car from Avilon. You just have to enter the parameters of the car you like, and the system will immediately show if this model is in stock. In the absence of such, you can place an order.

Thus, buying cars from an official representative is not only reliable, but also profitable.

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