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To make your hair luxurious

by California

Very often, girls and women think about why their hair is not as gorgeous as they would like it to be. After all, we try so hard to take care of them, but the result is not always impressive. Yes, we buy new fashionable hair care products that are so advertised on the screen, we comb with special combs ….but the hair still splits and looks lifeless … Why is this happening? It’s just that not everything is right for you. The presence of an abundance of various components may simply not be suitable for your hair structure or irritate your scalp. What to do? If you are reluctant to try all the different shampoo jars from the TV screen day after day, then you should turn to the experience of our ancestors.

People used to know how to take care of their hair to keep it healthy and looking good.

Firstly, even then, people knew about the benefits of a kind of “vitamins” for hair – oils. They used oils such as castor and burdock. People have noticed that these oils prevent hair loss and also help make them thicker and shinier. People combed with wooden combs. In this way, people avoided “injury to the scalp”.Yes, the tree….somehow you get closer to nature or something … Wash your hair as it gets dirty. After all, those who wash it very often suffer from dandruff and hair loss.

From all the “troubles” with hair, people sought healing from Mother Nature. If the hair quickly became oily, then they used nettle and burdock for rinsing. Let’s remember childhood. Surely your mother rinsed your hair with vinegar as a child so that the braids do not get tangled.

Do you want luxurious hair?? Then try to do a head massage before going “bainki”.. How? Just stroke and massage the scalp. It is necessary to improve blood circulation. Thus, the hair will grow faster.

When choosing a shampoo, look for one that contains less chemicals.

It will be nice if the shampoo contains components such as: chamomile, mint, possibly egg yolk. Use your hair dryer as little as possible. And remember that our hair is our pride and beauty. And to keep them healthy and chic for a long time, do not forget to take good care of them. We hope our advice will help you..

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