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Types and features of boilers for heating

by California

Boilers for heating operate using various types of fuel. It is divided into the following types: electrical energy, natural gas, liquid and solid fuels. Liquid fuels include fuel oil and diesel. And solid fuels include firewood, peat, coal and chip granules.

The type of fuel is selected depending on the required characteristics of the heating system. To choose the most suitable home heating option, you need to figure out which type of heating system will be the most acceptable, convenient and cost-effective. Since not always delivered fuel can be cheaper, because some costs are required for its transportation.

solid fuel boiler

Solid fuel heating has been used for a long time. At one time, solid fuel burned in a fireplace or stove, heating a small area. But using a stove or a fireplace for a firebox, there is no way to heat the whole house at once, but only certain of its walls. Therefore, you need a boiler. It should be borne in mind that the purchase of solid fuel at this time costs a lot. To store this type of fuel (coal, firewood, peat, etc.), it is necessary to provide a place, because it has a large volume.

A modern boiler functions by burning fuel, heating water that goes through pipes located throughout the room. For greater heat transfer, a pressure pump is used, which raises the heat circulation rate. Solid fuel boilers need stable supervision and loading of fuel, as well as cleaning from elements that have been burned.

Liquid fuel combustion boiler

Liquid fuel boilers are more practical, have greater advantages than solid fuel boilers. For example, in places where there is no connection to the gas pipeline, where there are no significant deposits of peat and forest, liquid fuels are popular and more appropriate. Liquid fuel boilers are very profitable and economical, they have a significant level of efficiency, which reaches 89%. Also, such boilers are characterized by a long process of fuel combustion. However, boilers of this type for maximum heat transfer need high-quality fuel and proper storage. Also, the boiler needs to be periodically cleaned from accumulated sulfur compounds. Boilers for burning liquid fuels are made of cast iron elements, which ensures their strength and durability.

General characteristics of the gas boiler

Now the most popular and widespread type of fuel is gas. Since the cash costs for the use of gas to the population cost much less. Heating can be carried out by connecting to gas mains, it can also be supplied from special gas cylinders. If we compare the costs of gas heating equipment, we can find that they will far exceed the costs of other types of fuel. But it should be noted that the cost of gas is not expensive and will eventually cover the cost of a gas boiler.

There are many distinctive positive characteristics of gas boilers in relation to other types. Double-circuit boilers are used to obtain heating and hot water at the same time. They are wall or floor type. Gas boilers are often not large in size, they are very economical, convenient and not difficult to operate. Such a boiler can be easily placed in any room of the house by size, if a special room is not allocated for it.

Electric heating boiler

Electricity can also be an alternative fuel. As you know, electricity is today a more affordable and not expensive source of heat. It can be both the main source for heating and additional. However, state-of-the-art installations require an uninterrupted power supply to operate. Therefore, for the connection and operation of an electric heating boiler, a voltage of 380V of a three-phase network is required.

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