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Reliable protection against fraud by the insurance company

by California

According to the statistics presented on the website of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in January 2015, 694 accidents occurred in Moscow:.e. that’s 22 accidents a day. A lot, even considering the size of the city. It can be seen that for insurance companies there is an “untilted field”.  And often unscrupulous companies deceive customers (this is no secret to anyone). And in order not to join the “society” of the deceived, many owners of vehicles that have been in an accident resort to such a service as auto technical expertise. Consider how it will help protect the motorist from deception.

When might such an examination be required?

The need to use the service in question may appear to the owner of the vehicle in different cases. Feel free to contact specialists who can conduct an examination, you can under the following circumstances:

the insurance company underestimated the payment on the policy. This can happen for various reasons, from the peculiarities of the methodology for calculating damages, to banal deception;

if the owner of the vehicle believes that the commission that assessed the damage did not take into account all factors when calculating the amount of payment;

if the owner of the car involved in an accident is sure that he was found guilty unreasonably.

These are not all the cases when there may be a need for expertise. In general, the best option would be to contact specialists who carry out such an assessment on order, regardless of whether the motorist has problems with insurance or not. So it will be calmer.

What does auto technical expertise include?

Professionals providing such services can carry out the following procedures:

examination of the circumstances of the road accident;

evaluation of those. condition of the vehicle involved in the accident;

actions related to establishing the causes of the accident (the condition of the road surface, etc.).);

calculation of the damage caused, etc.

This service may be provided in a complex, or it may involve a separate study (evaluation of the braking distance, relative position of the vehicle after an accident, etc.).). If you need to use such a service, choose independent experts you can trust. It’s easy to find them. And you can get information that will allow you to judge the quality of the services provided from the feedback from customers who ordered an auto technical expertise. There are many such reviews on specialized forms dedicated to insurance.

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