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What do bikers violate??.

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What do bikers violate??

The press service of the traffic police of Russia recently published the results of the last survey. Bikers allow themselves to speed, ride without helmets and drive between car lanes.

The official website launched a study in which visitors were asked to mark the most frequent violations committed by bikers. Drivers of two-wheeled vehicles shared their road “sins”, and motorists presented a third-party opinion. More than 16,000 people took part in the survey. people.

The opinion of motorists about bikers can hardly be called good. Motorists noted (and most of them) the bikers commit gross violations of traffic rules. Only 4% of respondents did not notice improper driving behavior of motorcycle drivers. Every 2nd motorist complains about motorists because they drive between car rows going in the stream.

Second place was given to speed violations, because it was noted by every 5th of the people surveyed. 7% of motorists talk about the lack of helmets, and 9% complain that bikers often ignore turning on the turn lights when changing lanes.

Bikers entering the oncoming lane and driving when the red light is turned on turned out to be quite rare violations, according to motorists.

Accidents involving bikers often occur through the fault of the car, or rather, its inattentive owner. Guilt is often established only during a special examination.

As an example, an incident can be cited: recently in g. Deme around 5 a.m. a motorcyclist was hit by a PAZ bus. Motorcycle rider rushed to hospital with multiple injuries. It became known that the motorcycle was not registered with the traffic police, and the victim did not have a driver’s license.

Traffic police officers say that drivers of two wheels are the most unprotected, and therefore vulnerable on the road. The press service of the traffic police in the appeal noted that motorcyclists, compared with car drivers, can be seriously injured even with a small traffic accident. Falls from a motorcycle traveling at speeds up to 20 km/h can result in injury to hands or feet. Traumatic brain injury occurs at this speed if the head is not protected by a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle and scooter riders must follow the rules of the road very strictly. They should try their best to avoid violations. Motorists need to become more tolerant towards bikers, look in the rear-view mirror more often and follow traffic rules.

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