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When You Might Need a Tow Truck?

by California

A tow truck is a special vehicle that is equipped with all the necessary equipment to load and deliver a car to its destination.

A tow truck is a special vehicle that is equipped with all the necessary equipment to load and deliver a car to its destination. The modern transport situation sometimes leaves us no choice and we have to turn to the services of special equipment. There may be several reasons for this:

• poor quality of road surfaces;

• bad weather conditions;

• accident;

• it is not possible for the car to leave the parking lot;

• theft of wheels;

• violation of traffic rules.

In all these situations, without the help of special equipment, it will not be possible to solve the problem. On the site you will be presented with a list of evacuation services, and you can order a tow truck here for the removal of any equipment and get prompt assistance. Today, the Neva company offers the most favorable conditions.

Evacuation for “stationary vehicle”

Suppose such a common situation – a car after an accident or when it stalled, the engine cannot independently climb onto the tow truck platform. In this case, a special winch is used, with which the car is pulled. Such evacuation is subject to vehicles weighing no more than 7 tons and only on a manual gearbox. Also, a stationary car will rise with the help of a sliding platform and a winch.

To lift and move any transport at a distance of 6 meters, a crane is used. Here special traverses are used for accurate and careful loading of the machine. It is convenient to evacuate large-sized equipment by mounting only one axle, front or rear. It is safer to contact those companies that have their own equipment and all the necessary equipment for the safe loading and transportation of the machine.

To call a tow truck, you must provide the following information:

• the reason for the call;

• brand of car;

• describe the existing damage;

• the state of the steering;

• contact details for communication;

• vehicle weight.

As soon as the information is received by the operator, assistance is sent to the scene. The main thing is that you have all the necessary documents for the car with you, confirming the right to drive and own property by proxy and without. In another case, along with transportation, you can say goodbye to the car for an indefinite time and, most likely, it will be sent to a car impound until the circumstances are clarified.

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