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Somewhere outside the city, very inexpensively, dad bought … a car? Well no! summer cottage! And immediately it is planned to plant fruit trees, berries, potatoes, carrots. Stop! Where’s the fun in nature?? It also needs to be taken into account. But picnics or ball games are no fun if the playground is littered with rocks. It is unlikely to be able to be closer to nature, to walk barefoot if old stumps grow along the paths, and their protruding roots strive to put a bandwagon.

The best solution to ennoble areas intended for recreation in a summer cottage is the design of lawns.

You can buy a ready-made carpet and lay it on a prepared place, but it’s much better to do everything yourself and proudly show your neighbors and friends your own creation.

First you need to decide on the purpose of the green lawn. Playground and alpine meadow are sown with different mixtures of herbs. Sport is movement, so the composition of greenery must be resistant to trampling. An eye-pleasing flowering lawn, made up of green grass and stunted plants, blooming in turn throughout the season. The composition can be selected by carefully reading the instructions on the package.

The choice of function will determine the place for the lawn. Just keep in mind that a steep slope is not the right place. It must be leveled and strengthened with a mesh, and possibly a retaining wall. Wet lowlands are also not entirely successful for arranging. Drainage in this case is simply necessary.

After defining the goals – completing the task. The first task is to prepare the ground. Autumn is the best time for this kind of work. Optimists with a fanatical ability to work dig up the earth by hand, sifting the roots of weeds through their fingers and creating a downy feather bed for the future grass-ant. But the purpose of the lawn is to create a favorable place for recreation. So why start with such difficulty.

To destroy not only weeds, but also their root system, it is necessary to treat the selected area with broad-spectrum herbicides, wait a couple of weeks, collect the dried stems with a rake and start digging up the soil. If the processing was carried out in the fall, during the winter the weeds will be completely destroyed, the harmful components will decompose into useful elements. Spring treatment should be done a few weeks before sowing to protect seedlings from aggressive chemicals in herbicides.

Distushed Earth must be leveled, swap. Sowing a mixture of seeds is carried out along the site, then in the transverse direction. This method will help to avoid prophesh. The seeds of lawn grass have a very small fraction, so they are often sown by a mixture of sand. A manual seeder will be an indispensable assistant.

The finished bed is aligned again, after which they roll with a special device or ordinary log. The soil trapping will enjoy the robot done. “Walking” can be on a sheet of plywood, which is evenly moved around the territory.

The grass of the lawn is very fond of moisture, sowing is watered through the small holes of the watering can or with the help of a sprayer so as not to wash off the seeds. Seeds will germinate in a week, during dry spring, it is necessary to pour the lawn bed again during this period during this period. Do not plant the lawn in the hot summer season. This method will bring neither benefit nor pleasure.

The sprouted grass cover is checked for the presence of weeds, which are immediately destroyed. It is necessary to cut the grass only at a height of ten to twelve centimeters, and not in one go. Otherwise, the grass will lose its “marketable” appearance and the work will go down the drain.

Lawn care doesn’t take much effort. The coating is cut and watered in a timely manner, after a couple of haircuts, the weeds will go away on their own and will not spoil the appearance. But the pleasure of spending time on a lawn pleasing to the eye is an incomparable happiness for both adults and children.

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