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New Renault car. Formula 1.

by California

April 7th, 2012 | 16:32

Can’t be! Will Renault Sport let journalists drive the latest Formula Renault 3 car?.5? And even earlier than the pilots of the series! Maybe it will be a car with a “strangled” engine, like for client rides in Formula 1?..Until the hands of the chief mechanic pulled me to the composite back, I did not believe in my happiness. There were three laps ahead. On the asphalt field of the parking lot of the Spanish Motorland Aragon circuit – only one truck and several cars. Favorable sale of special equipment at manufacturer’s prices, without intermediaries. Chenggong, XCMG, at the best prices. Visit the site Apart from the guys from Renault Sport and us, six journalists from all over Europe, no one. And in boxing she is waiting for us – the new car Formula Renault 3.5. Of all the formula classes that are one step below Formula 1, it is Formula Renault 3.5 now looks the strongest. The fact that all the seats in the cockpits of 26 cars were filled two months before the start of the season, the competing GP2 series, Formula 2 and Auto GP cannot even dream of. The composition of the participants this year is stronger than ever – eight people can claim the championship. In addition, in July Formula Renault 3.5 will hold its stage in Russia, near Volokolamsk, as part of the Renault World Series! And among the participants – one Russian team and four of our pilots. But still the main thing is a new car. It is called Dallara T12, although the main contribution of the Italian company Dallara is an updated carbon fiber monocoque that meets Formula 1 safety standards. New, 50 l.With. a more powerful engine and advanced aerodynamics with the DRS system – an active element in the rear wing – make it even closer to a Formula 1 car. Of the younger “formulas”, only the GP2 is more powerful – 612 liters.With. against 530 l.With. at Formula Renault 3.5. But all this happiness – at reasonable prices: about 600 thousand euros per season. The car itself also has a price: the teams selected by Renault Sport to participate in the series buy it for 220 thousand euros. For 125 thousand euros, you can upgrade last year’s car, because a third of the parts and assemblies remained interchangeable. But few decided to save money, and out of 26 cars in the 2012 peloton, there will be 22 completely new.

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