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Bathroom renovation in the apartment

by California

And so repair in the bathroom is the most expensive repair in a house or apartment! We start with the preparation of surfaces, we clean the walls, ceiling, floor from tiles, old plaster, paint. Next, we prepare recesses in the walls (we cut strobes) for plumbing, sewerage, heating, electricity. We process everything with a primer, there is never too much primer, most often then during operation it turns out that there is not enough. We lay electrical cables to electrical appliances, which will then be with us. We follow further, and then the sewer, when laying the sewer, we must adhere to slopes of at least five degrees and try to avoid ninety-degree knees. Of course, the sewer pipe must be polypropylene and the more polypropylene it contains, the longer it will last you.

The water supply must also be made of a polypropylene pipe (for a soldering iron). There is less controversy over the material for plumbing compared to the early years of using polypropylene pipes. The operation of water pipelines shows that at the moment it is the best pipe for water supply. The layout of water pipes is best done when you have already bought or at least selected a toilet, sink, shower or bath. And this is necessary first of all in order for the master to bring the water pipes and sewerage to the plumbing as accurately as possible. Do not install water heaters, boilers, a washing machine in the bathroom; it is best to provide a separate room for their installation or, in extreme cases, a kitchen. Heating in the bathroom the first thing that comes to mind is a heated towel rail. An alternative to stainless steel heated towel rails are and quite well serve steel enameled heated towel rails. But if, in addition to the heated towel rail, it is possible to make warm floors in the bathroom, then you will not regret the money spent on their manufacture.

Underfloor heating in the bathroom is not just pleasure and comfort, but also extends the life of your plumbing. Everything was done with the wiring, wiring, laying, we proceed to the plastering of the walls in the bathroom. Until now, the attitude to the plaster in the bathroom is not unambiguous, they say, the curvature of the walls will be corrected with tiles, and the cement screed on the floor is also not necessary, and therefore the tiles are laid using the so-called slippers, the result is eventually swollen walls and floors. You and I must remember that the closer to technology, the better and more beautiful the bathroom renovation will eventually turn out. At the moment, there are enough various plaster mixtures in construction stores; it is best to use starting putties. Remember that the finishing of walls and floors before laying tiles must be at a high level, well, and do not forget about the primer. Ventilation in the bathroom is not just a cockroach grate on a hole in the ventilation shaft. It is mandatory to install a fan with the calculation of the cubic capacity of this room. Properly selected ventilation will save you from wet walls, fungus and problems with your plumbing. Starting to lay the tiles, we determine where we will have the front wall – this is the business card of the bathroom, of course, it should be the most beautiful. The question is asked all the time, where do you start laying tiles from the top of the wall or from the bottom, if the tile adhesive meets the quality standards, lay the tiles as you like. And why should tile laying start from the bottom of the wall, if all the finishing, plastering starts from the top of the room, moreover, starting laying tiles from the top of the wall, you avoid re-contamination of the lower rows of tiles with tile adhesive from attacks of cut tiles under the ceiling. We apply tile adhesive on a wall or floor, but not on ceramic tiles, even in television programs, the housing issue and the summer cottage answer have already understood this. The technology of applying tile adhesive on walls or floors and at the same time on tiles is used when finishing Olympic pools. After we have processed the grout between the ceramic tiles, we proceed to finish the ceiling in the bathroom. Here, as they say, there are not so many options, if we have a desire to look there with paints and putties, we choose as rarely as possible between a stretch ceiling and a plastic lining. Naturally plastic lining and stretch ceiling must have the appropriate performance characteristics. Well, it seems that I didn’t miss anything, it remains to install the plumbing after installation, we definitely check the sink, toilet bowl, shower cabin or bath, everything works, if there are no problems, then we use it and do not regret anything.

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