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Parquet floor repair

by California

What kind of parquet you will have at home depends not only on what quality it is, or by whom and how it was laid out, but also on how you care for it and how carefully you use it. But, of course, if your parquet was laid out masterfully, that is, in compliance with all the rules, then you don’t have to worry, it will last a long time.

As you know, not everything is so eternal, even the very parquet, which theoretically should serve you for at least 100 years. So it also needs to be renovated.

And now the question arises: “How should it be repaired?». First of all, you yourself can determine when it is necessary to refresh the parquet by its appearance. That is, as you already guessed, it is necessary to constantly repair it, that is, update its coating. And the parquet is varnished, as a rule, every 5-7 years. But, of course, not everyone follows this rule and most often they varnish the parquet when they are going to make repairs in the entire apartment. Well, now let’s go directly to the very question of how to properly repair parquet.

Change of parquet staves

Parquet riveting most often needs repair, so we will consider how to repair them correctly. Well, it’s not hard to guess that first of all you need to get rid of old rivets, you need to do it correctly and carefully so as not to spoil the coating itself. Therefore, it is necessary to break it into fibers with a tool and carefully remove it in turn.

A new riveting should be installed slightly above the level of the main coating, approximately 0.5-1 mm. This is due to the fact that they need further processing and grouting. There is also such a feature that the rivets have ridges with which they fit snugly against each other. Therefore, when you install a new rivet, you must put it exactly in the place where the old one was installed, so as not to violate the tightness of the coating.

Before installing a new riveting, it is necessary to carry out certain preparatory work. These include, first of all, cleaning the surface, drying it, and then processing. The surface is treated with mastic. It must be applied in a thin layer, not exceeding 1-2 mm. Then the riveting is installed on this mastic in such a way that it penetrates into the fibers of the riveting, pressing it tightly. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the mastic does not come to the surface.

After this procedure, after everything dries, it is necessary to moisten the surface of the parquet to facilitate the next stage of work. Earlier we said that new rivets are installed just above the main level of the parquet surface, we remove unnecessary irregularities and smooth the surface. To facilitate this process, we wet the surface of the parquet. And for the best result, it is necessary to constantly clean the device from already removed layers.

Elimination of swollen parts of the parquet

Swelling of parquet is not a rare phenomenon and there are enough reasons for this. The question is how to fix it. If swelling occurs in a certain area in the center of the room, then it is necessary to “cut out” this area, disassemble and re-lay out the parquet in this place. But most importantly, before eliminating this swelling, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of its occurrence, for example, roof leakage, etc.d. But it also happens that swelling occurs at the point of contact between the floor and the wall, or rather, where a small gap is formed. In this case, it is necessary to increase the size of this gap and put the riveting in the manner described above.

The occurrence of cracks and the process of their elimination.

Cracks occur mainly due to temperature differences and humidity in the room. However, their thickness can vary over a fairly wide range. If their thickness is relatively small, from 1 to 3 mm, then they can be covered with a mixture of glue and sawdust to match the entire floor. If the dimensions of the gaps exceed these limits, then the plastering in this case is useless and the parquet must be laid out again.

But all these troubles associated with damage to parquet cannot be compared with how necessary and convenient it is in everyday life and how long it can last for more than one generation.

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