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by California

Who said that the image and style of a business woman is boring and monotonous? Even taking into account the fact that the business style does not accept mini, cleavage and too tight or acid-colored things, it is not at all difficult to create a beautiful and practical look for every day.

A good and diverse combination, the correct combination of colors and a sense of proportion will help you use the things of your wardrobe.

What should you choose first?? Of course, a beautiful and strict business suit, which, in addition to a jacket, can include classic-cut trousers or a medium-length skirt. For a business suit, the primary colors are black, gray, navy blue. Less commonly practiced are dark green or brown colors. It is also worth taking care of several business blouses that will fit primarily with the purchased suit. As a rule, the cut of a blouse for a business suit is selected more simple and strict. Blouses should choose white, black, gray, blue and olive colors. Pastel colors are more harmonious.

In addition to a suit and blouses, your wardrobe will be perfectly complemented by classic trousers and skirts in the cut that suits you. Choose A-Line or Pencil Skirt. It is not necessary for business things to be monophonic. A light check or stripe is perfectly acceptable. And what more fashionable this season will always tell you your favorite female magazine. A scarf, neckerchief or tie is acceptable for business attire and should harmoniously complement the stylish picture of your appearance without causing discomfort or disharmony in color, cut or volume.

Additional things that business style does not reject can be a business-cut dress, as well as plain turtlenecks and thin pullovers, which are sometimes more practical, warmer and more comfortable than blouses. You can also buy a dress or combine it with an existing business jacket.

When shaping your business wardrobe, you should pay attention to shoes. It should be in harmony with your clothes for today, in medium heels and matte leather, without unnecessary and too bright accessories. The bag should be in harmony with the color of the shoes and not stand out as a bright spot against your background, as well as be comfortable in size.

Makeup and a hairstyle of a business woman should be strict, not bright and not causing, emphasize advantages and skillfully hide the shortcomings. Loose hair as well as bright “combat” coloring are unacceptable. Day makeup and styled hair will be a great addition to your perfect and elegant business suit.

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