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National Disaster: California evacuates people due to flooding

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According to meteorologists, a cyclone of this magnitude occurs once in a century. The state of California is almost completely hidden under water.

The water level in the rivers has reached its maximum. Serious damage was caused to agriculture, infrastructure and residential buildings were damaged.

Tens of thousands of residents of the southwestern United States received emergency evacuation alerts. The eleventh atmospheric front since the beginning of the year turned out to be the most destructive. According to meteorologists, a cyclone of this magnitude occurs once in a century.

“It’s good that now California has water, we really need it. But neither highways nor other infrastructure are ready for such cyclones,” said meteorological scientist Angel Cardenas.

According to scientists, several factors came together at the start of spring. The cyclone coincided with the rapid melting of snow. In the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, they are called “snowy mountains”, the rivers quickly overflowed their banks, exceeding critical levels by four to five meters.

Several states were hit by the elements, California got more than others – part of this state simply drowned. In mountainous areas, landslides and giant sinkholes, flat land areas have become a huge dirty lake.

Emergency flood warnings are in effect in Nevada. Downpours and gales also came to normally dry Arizona. In total, about 50 million Americans were in the disaster zone.

As a result of the impact of the elements, there are already dead. More than 300 thousand households were left without electricity. The tracks sank along with the cars. Now they don’t ride on them, but swim – rescuers on boats are looking for survivors. Emergency services manage, risking their lives, to get the victims out of the turbulent streams of water.

To top it off, a huge flood destroyed most of the strawberry plantations, and in the United States almost all of it is grown in California. Without a harvest of berries, the Americans were left with climate anomalies caused by the “greenhouse effect”. The United States is the world leader in energy consumption and air pollution. And now they get the result of their own lifestyle.

Despite the fact that the winter this year turned out to be extremely rich in precipitation, a record for 52 years was set in the mountainous regions of California and Nevada. This March flood will not solve the perennial problem of drought, scientists predict. The snow reserves of the Rocky Mountains will quickly disappear along the Missouri, Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas rivers, and acute water shortages will again arise in the southwestern United States. So many people perceive the forecasts of meteorologists as a mockery of nature.

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