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Criteria for choosing an office space

by California

The main criterion for renting or buying an office is the area of ​​the premises that is necessary for doing business. In addition, you also need to pay attention to some other nuances: office location, parking, security, communication and much more.

If you decide to rent an office in Chekhovskaya from the owner, you should know that it is important on which floor of the building your office will be located. The most profitable option, of course, is the premises on the ground floor, but for example, the second floor is also suitable for a hairdressing salon, gym or atelier. And the basement is optimal for dry cleaning, a supermarket or a laundry.

In order for your business not to go unnoticed, you need the entrance to the office from the street. If you still chose a room whose entrance overlooks the courtyard, focus on advertising, which is better placed on the side of the roadway.

One of the main factors that affects business development is convenient access to the office. Since it is unlikely that your customers will want to go around the playgrounds and wind around the yards. It is very important that there is convenient parking for customers and employees in front of your future office.

The size of the parking lot depends on the type of your activity. For example, for a store, you need a parking lot, where a truck can easily turn around, for an office or studio, a small parking lot will be enough. An important factor is the presence of a metro station, so renting an office near the Alekseevskaya metro station is very popular.

It is very important that the appearance of your office and the area around it is clean and well-groomed, although in some cases it is better to tidy everything up yourself, giving preference to a favorable location or affordable cost of the premises.

Communication is another criterion that you need to pay special attention to when buying or renting an office. If your chosen office is located in an old building, then you are unlikely to be able to install an industrial refrigerator, air conditioner or other energy-intensive equipment. When buying or renting office space, it is necessary to clarify the availability of communication and the Internet.

If you have to save money in the near future, then it is very important to pay special attention to the decoration of the room and realistically assess whether it can stand in this form for at least a couple of months.

If we are talking about renting, and not about buying premises, then it will be most profitable to rent a turnkey office, where there is no need to spend money on repairs.

Today, rent in modern business centers, which are initially equipped with everything necessary for doing business, is in great demand. Such business centers provide everything for office work: convenient parking and access for cars, security, high-speed communications and the Internet, office cleaning and modern communications. The rent of an office in such a business center is quite high, and a novice entrepreneur can hardly afford it.

For firms that are just starting their business, a new type of rental is suitable, which is called “coworking”. Coworking is when employees of one organization are in one large room, fully equipped for work. When choosing this type of lease, you will not need to clean and equip the office – you will only need to pay the rent on time.

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