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Vindecoderz service: the ability to find out all the information about a car by VIN code

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Cars may change owners, country or region of registration after release, so accurate identification using a unique indicator is required. This means was the VIN code assigned to each vehicle at the time of release from the assembly line. To study all the properties of this indicator, a VIN decoder is offered.

Main parameters of the service

The decoder is located on the Vindecoderz website, and is a search service. It is enough to know the alphanumeric combination of seventeen characters to obtain a large amount of information. Among this information it is worth highlighting:

  1. The date of manufacture of the car, the country where it was produced, and the plant where it was assembled.
  2. The exact name of the company and car model.
  3. Technical parameters, where the most important will be the type of engine and its volume.
  4. Machine serial number.

All this information is encrypted directly in the VIN code.

However, it is also associated with other information that relates to the operation of the vehicle and changes in its condition. Among this data, it is worth highlighting the opportunities to find out:

  1. The names of the owners of the car, the periods during which they used it.
  2. Availability of insurance policies.
  3. Encumbrances in the form of pledges in banks or pawnshops, debts on taxes and customs duties.
  4. Putting the car on the wanted list.
  5. Date of importation into the country, if we are talking about an imported vehicle.

In general, any information that is associated with a VIN code and entered into official databases can be verified and published, and accordingly found using a search.

Who can use the service

The decoder can be used by people and organizations completely free of charge and an unlimited number of times. You just need to enter the code correctly in the search string.

First of all, the web resource is visited by buyers of used cars. They can find out a lot of information that the owners do not want to voice. This decoder will also be useful to lawyers handling cases involving incidents involving cars. An important indicator in this situation will be the accuracy of the information; it can be used as facts and evidence.

Car buyers and dealers selling used cars use the service. The decoder helps employees of a pawnshop or bank evaluate vehicles if the car is offered as collateral.

To obtain information, registration on the site with subsequent authorization is not required. You can find out information on confidentiality terms.

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