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New SUV Mercedes-Benz GL350

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New SUV Mercedes-Benz GL350

The Mercedes-Benz GL350, which delights with the aesthetics of its exterior design, incomparable comfort and chic technical characteristics, deserves the title of a brand new car.

The interior of the SUV is spacious, and the highest quality materials used for the dashboard and the entire interior create a feeling of comfort and calm self-confidence and in the car.

Since the GL350 belongs to the premium class, its interior can be decorated in accordance with the tastes and wishes of the owner, who can order the installation of various wood inserts that give the car solidity and choose the color of the leather upholstery.

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The developers seriously took care of the comfort of the driver and passengers. So, for example, cup holders located in the center console can heat or cool drinks, about which the driver is informed by appropriate color illumination.

This SUV model can accommodate seven passengers, although it can also carry a large amount of various cargo. Trunk volume can be increased to 2300 liters by folding the second and third row seats, and if only the second row is folded down, its volume is 680 liters. Thus, this elegant car, turning into a tireless worker, can carry up to 30 sacks of potatoes, several strollers, dozens of bags or two bicycles.

We are simply obliged to note the ease of management of the new GL350. With small rear-view mirrors and small windows, it has perfect visibility from the passenger compartment, thanks to the presence of auxiliary parking systems.

The technical characteristics of the SUV are also noteworthy. With an engine capacity of 2.9 liters, its power is 258 liters.With., and the maximum speed is 220 km / h. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 7.9 seconds. Fuel consumption 7.4-8 liters per hundred kilometers.

The driver is provided with highly comfortable driving conditions. According to the display, you can track the conditions of movement on the road. The SUV is able to climb a 35-degree slope, and the maximum depth of the ford it overcomes reaches 60 cm. Thanks to the auxiliary vision systems, the driver can fully assess what is happening around the car. The machine has all possible active and passive type security systems.

The price of an SUV is within 3.5 million rubles.

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