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Design of the courtyard of a country house

by California

How wonderful it is to leave the house in the morning and get not on a noisy city avenue, but to plunge into the comfort of a personally equipped courtyard. Of course, before you decorate the yard, you still have to work hard. Firstly, if you decide not to give up the garden, it is better, if possible, to hide it behind the house. Although, if you show a creative approach, then you can fit tomatoes and cucumbers into landscape design – you can get a very original and unexpected solution. But more on that later.The design of the yard can be divided into two stages: planning, taking into account building codes and the equipment itself, and decorating the area. This topic is devoted to a huge amount of materials, both printed and even more Internet resources that you can flip through and read to exhaustion. The main thing here is to decide in advance which one you want to see your estate. So, we plan one by one: you will have a terrace, a garage or a parking place, a separate bathhouse, a shed for inventory, where a gazebo with a barbecue or a barbecue will be located, a playground, if you have a dog – a place for an aviary, as well as a variety of flower beds, an alpine slide possibly a fountain with sculptures and other decorative elements.

Compliance with building codes when planning a yard design.

First, draw a diagram on paper, plan the layout, while not forgetting the mandatory building rules:

– It is impossible to build a residential building closer than 3 m from a regular road, and 6 m from a motorway;

– Housing and service buildings should be spaced at a distance of 7 m (if you are planning an aviary, move it from the house at least 4 meters);

– Place a well or compost pit (if needed) at least 15 m from the dwelling;

– The fence should not be placed close to any structures – leave at least one to one and a half meters in case of repair;

– Regarding pavement paths – plan their width from 75 cm.

Design variations on the courtyard theme.

When all the preparatory and construction work is completed, it’s time to move on to a fashionable activity called “landscape design”. Here you can use your imagination, because there are many types of plants, options for decorating lawns of flower beds, the main thing here, as they say, is not to overdo it. In addition, it is important to take into account the characteristics of plant species and climatic and environmental factors:

• The amount of light required for the plant;

• Temperature;

• Humidity;

• Chemical composition of soil and water, etc.d..

Courtyard design styles are usually divided into two areas: classic (regular) and landscape (natural). The regular style means a combination of discreet straight lines with clear geometric shapes of all buildings, paths and plant ensembles on the site. The main problem that can arise as a result of choosing a classic style is the constant maintenance of shape, and most likely you will have to hire a gardener. Regarding the natural style, everything is much simpler here, since its main credo is the naturalness of the landscape. By the way, a cast-iron fireplace insert goes well with natural stone, which is often laid out indoors with refractory stone. If you are looking for a cast iron firebox in St. Petersburg, look at netkamina.

In turn, the two main styles have their own, so to speak, divisions, the names of which directly depend on their origin:

• French style (classic subspecies);

• English, or landscape style (combination of naturalness and severity);

• Slavic style (not messy, but for a wooden house – this is a win-win option);

• Japanese style (elegant and meditative, famous for its stone gardens);

• European country style (slightly similar to Slavic, but more streamlined);

• Art Nouveau style – the latest in landscape design fashion and modern architecture (the idea is to combine the space of the interior of the house with the surrounding landscape).

This all the variety of styles is not limited – there are quite a lot of varieties, but we have listed only the most suitable for our weather conditions. Everything else is a matter of taste.

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