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Isn’t it time to say “kenguryatnikam” “Farewell!»?

by California

These metal structures were the first to be installed on cars in Australia specifically to protect against kangaroos, which very often caused accidents on deserted night roads. Gradually, “kenguryatniki” spread throughout the world. Moreover, they began to be put not only on SUVs, but also on almost all types of cars as an element of external tuning, making the exterior expressive and brutal.

But this fashion has had unexpected consequences – the number of injuries to people when colliding with such machines has increased dramatically. This goes against the trend of increasing pedestrian safety. All new cars during crash tests are evaluated according to this parameter, engineers are intensively working on the creation of active safety devices. For example, the airbags that were triggered in a collision with a pedestrian and protecting it from a blow to the hood and windshield of the car were recently presented.

Recently, a new technical regulation was introduced in Russia, which prohibits the use of “protruding structures” in all cars, with the exception of SUVs. First of all, it will affect crossovers and pickups. The owners of these and all other cars who do not fall under the exception will have to dismantle the “kangaroo” or refuse plans to hang them. Otherwise, these machines will not be able to go through the state inspection or will not go further further than the nearest traffic police post.

However, whether these devices are needed? Is there any kind of one from them for city cars? Or they are needed only for beauty? With SUVs, everything is clear – the external tubular frame protects the front of the car when driving over rough terrain. But when driving on a smooth asphalt surface, there is no practical benefit from it. And in a collision with another car or other obstacle, the “kenguryatnik” will only increase the amount of damage. Moreover, the owner of the “kenguryatnik” will also have excessive damage, and CASCO will no longer cover such damage.

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